During our nearly 14 years in business, Panda has gained national recognition as the marketing leader in the Safety Industry. Our catalog programs remain strong, evidenced by the fact that we have printed over 1,000,000 safety catalogs. Often imitated but never equaled, our catalogs set the standard for quality and effectiveness, driving sales and enhancing corporate images.

We are also considered the best in the Safety Industry when it comes to ecommerce. Panda Group has been involved in ecommerce for a long time and watched it evolve into an indispensable tool for the Safety Industry. In the mid-1990s we created the first syndicated platform for distributors. And we developed a proprietary, custom designed, and Panda-funded ecommerce platform and content management system. We are simply ahead of the curve.

But don’t just take our word for it. It’s our loyal customer base that has been with us since the beginning. They’re the ones who can tell you the story. We call this select group of Safety Distributors “FOPs,” or “Friends of Panda”.

Panda Group continues to flourish and grow, and we continue to use the latest technology to give our clients a significant edge in the increasingly competitive Safety Market. We mean it when we tell our clients, “We’re here to grow your business. We want to make you money!”

“Since the late 1990s Panda Group has produced our catalogs and website. During this time Panda has enabled us to release new safety catalogs every year with little or no work of our own. By producing our catalogs and website, Panda Group has allowed Pendergast Safety to focus on selling safety equipment. (Panda has) eliminated the work, hassle and expense of doing it ourselves.

Panda Group is extremely knowledgeable of the safety (PPE) industry. They continually update their content with the latest items, pricing, and photos. The content database alone at Panda is invaluable. This database also exposes us to items and suppliers we otherwise would not have known existed.

(They are) always friendly, competent and quick to respond. I don’t know why anyone in this industry would not use them.”

PendergastDave Grauer
General Manager

Pendergast Safety
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Panda Group provides us with the most complete safety catalog and ecommerce programs available in the marketplace. As our salespeople work with our current customers and prospects, we know we have the best information available for them. Panda has truly helped us grow our sales.

Panda Group has a full understanding of a distributor’s point of view, and have today’s hottest products listed with yesterday’s tried and true products in one complete catalog and ecommerce site. Their years of experience, working with the world’s most reputable manufacturers of safety products, show in every catalog. Authorizing Panda to handle all of our co-op invoicing has saved us countless hours and expense. Having this service included with the cost of the catalog means that once we have placed our order with Panda, our work is done.
We work with Panda Group because they have the same high-energy, customer-focused attitude USA Safety Supply instills in all of our employees. Panda’s focus to help grow our sales and improve our communication with our customers is a tremendous asset for us. There is no one better in the industry!”

USA Safety SupplyRick Raether

USA Safety Supply
Burnsville, Minnesota

“Panda Group gave us an outline of steps to follow that led to having a successful web page. That outline progressed to a blueprint, which gave us a visual of who we are as a company and how we want to relay that to Internet users. The impact this has had and how it helps our business shows in the success we have already had.

When you have a customer who doesn’t understand the broad world of web design and website hosting you rely heavily on your support system, which for us is Panda. Kellie and Lisa have been invaluable in accessing our needs and providing a solution. They have a broad knowledge of product and the safety industry. Overall, Panda Group has provided us with competitive industry pricing, time, and the knowledge base necessary to create and maintain our website.”

Advances Safety EquipmentTim Henderson
Advance Safety Equipment
Virginia Beach, Virginia

“Panda Group created the only safety catalog that IDG has, and they’ve supported us in the production of flyers. The ‘Stretch Drive’ flyer promotion that Panda worked on has been very successful in increasing sales for IDG.

(Panda is good at) the whole catalog process, and delivers a quality product. If there is ever an issue, they are always willing to find a solution. Working with Panda Group is about ease and quality. They create a quality product, and it takes a lot of the burden off of me when I can delegate to the Panda team.”

Industrial Distribution GroupJill Will
Marketing Executive

Industrial Distribution Group
Belmont, North Carolina

“Panda Group responds quickly whether it’s advertising, tradeshow booth, or literature needs. We decided to redo our tradeshow booth for the Governor’s Safety Conference at the last minute and Panda pulled it together.
They have a high quality of workmanship. I recently went online to compare some of the larger distributors’ websites, and found that they didn’t match up to what Panda was producing.”

Safety Source IncKeith Skipworth

Safety Source, Inc.
Theodore, Alabama

“We utilize Panda’s knowledge and expertise to benefit our company. Panda Group has a good grasp on the safety industry as a whole—where it is today, where it’s going in the future. I recommend Panda on a regular basis.”

West Chester MarketingJim Wilson
Sales Manager

West Chester Marketing
Monroe, Ohio

“Thank you for having (instructional webinars) on HTML. I enjoy taking part in them as they are very informative and well structured. They have really set the ‘wow’ factor high for me. It’s great to see how easy it can be to further customize my site, (which is a) credit to how easy you guys and gals at Panda have made it. Job well done! Thank you for taking the time from your day to share the knowledge that you have.”

Environmental Safety Products, Inc.Brian O’Connell
Environmental Safety Products, Inc.
LaPorte, Indiana

“The Panda has continued to get better with every publication. The vision remains pure. The dedication to family and friends resides in the heart of the Bear and the economic reward for my company has been a joy to observe. The Panda organization conducts business the way everyone would like business to be conducted–with respect, dignity, focus, and a good dose of old fashioned fun.

I work with Panda Group not because I have to but rather, because I want to. Yes, I am a fan.”

Air Systems InternationalRay Ellis
Vice President Sales and Marketing

Air Systems International
Chesapeake, Virginia

“(Panda Group’s) staff is not only knowledgeable about the products they compile into their safety catalogs and websites, but also very thorough. I’ve worked with different staff members over the years and have never had a bad experience ever!

I admire Panda’s staff for really studying and understanding the safety products they put into their catalogs and websites. Whenever approached with questions about our products, you can tell they’ve done their homework researching (the products) prior to contacting the manufacturer for assistance.

Let’s face it, everyone is asked to do more with less these days. I never feel ‘bothered’ when contacted by Panda Group since they put a lot of hard work into what they do. They research and ask questions on their own before contacting us as a manufacturer. They are a very knowledgeable and professional company to work with.”

Capitol SafetyShelley Veek
North American Marketing Coordinator

Capital Safety
Red Wing, Minnesota

“Over the past number of months, my company has faced a lot of challenges—financial, new ownership, structure, loss of staff, and so on. My purpose isn’t to bore you with my problems but to thank you for providing not only your personal service, but access to the DPA organization.

I just interacted with their support staff about how we can work together and I was so very impressed with the outcome and level of service I received. From all that I have had to work through these past few months, this one interaction has served as a catalyst to move me forward with our strategy to overcome our adversity.
I wanted to take a minute to let you know that what you do is working. Thank you for what you have given us, and I look forward to continuing our relationship as we grow in the future.”

John Harrington
Foundation Safety
Fountain City, Wisconsin

“We have partnered with the Panda Group for several years and have been continually pleased with not only the increase in business we can attribute to the services Panda offers, but also the professional perception our customers have of us. Panda Group’s many years of experience, their background in the safety industry, as well as their understanding of the market are what excite me most about what Panda has to offer. Panda Group is on the cutting edge of technology in our industry with their ecommerce solutions and catalog programs. We look forward to many more years of partnering with Panda.”

Lone Star Safety & Supply IncSteve Hern
Lone Star Safety
Dallas, Texas

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