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Panda Group unveiled its video production expertise in a big way, creating 18 high-quality product demonstration videos for Master Lock…and that’s just the beginning.

Panda Video
Butler, WI, May, 2009 – It didn’t take Master Lock long to find a marketing firm capable of producing the high-quality instructional safety videos that the lock giant needed to demonstrate some of its lockout/tagout equipment. Master Lock product manager Jeff Von Haden worked with Panda Group ( for print marketing in the past, so it wasn’t a surprise when Von Haden asked Panda president Kellie Hoffmeister if her creative safety marketing team could handle another medium.

“The reason we got this job is because Jeff Von Haden felt that we knew this product, and he didn’t have to babysit the project,” said Hoffmeister. “He didn’t have to be the one to storyboard it. He didn’t have to teach anyone lockout/tagout. We have been writing safety content for 14 years. We know safety. That is our connection to our industry. We had an innate sense of how this product was supposed to work.”

Added Von Haden: “We wanted to work with someone who understood the product and its application. From working with Panda on catalogs they demonstrated a well-rounded knowledge of safety products. Panda did a great job planning the shoot. They made sure the video crew focused on the key features and that the application was done as it would be in the field. The video shoots were well planned. All the sites were scouted in advance and the props for the shoot were set up for each shoot and the next. There was no wasted time.”

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Product Demos…
We’ve just completed a whole series of Product Demo Videos for Master Lock. Take a look…
Nothing demonstrates the full power of your products like videos of those products in action! We’ll produce world-class videos of your products for your website, then we’ll burn your videos to DVD – great tools for sales and marketing. Use them to train your staff too!

Tradeshow Presentations…

Picture this: your booth at an important tradeshow, a big, flat-screen TV playing your video over and over for everyone who passes by, telling them the story of your company and showcasing your product line in the world’s most powerful medium – Video! Maximum impact! You can’t talk to everyone, but everyone can watch your video! Here’s the one we did for Blundstone. Take a look.

Corporate Identity…

More than a sales pitch, more than a marketing tool… This video tells the world who you are and what you stand for. From the breadth and scope of your product line to your corporate goals, your mission statement, and your core beliefs. You’re rightfully proud of your company. This video tells why. Here’s a sample…


Panda Productions
When it comes to video production, we’re a ONE-STOP SHOP. Join us in the creative process, or just leave it all to us. We’ll handle everything.


  • Conception, storyboarding, scripting and organization
  • Hiring and coordinating videographers and on-camera talent
  • Searching out and arranging for shot locations
  • Rehearsing the talent


  • Directing the shoot
  • Directing the talent


  • Editing
  • Adding graphics and music
  • Producing for the web and/or DVD
  • DVD duplication

  • Video Production can be expensive, but we’ve got an answer for that too:


    Here’s our plan: don’t pay for everything yourself. Sign up for one or two (or more) product “slots” on a day we’re shooting product videos. When enough manufacturers buy enough “slots” for one or more days of shooting, we hire the videographers, set up the locations, and shoot all the product “slots” on the same video shoot. The setup costs get spread around, and in the end, you get a video of just your products at a fraction of the cost of doing it all alone.

    Bamboo Buckwald inteviews the Master Lock Hands. Click here to read all about it!

    Get your products and your story on video today!
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