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Panda Media Group and Distributor Partners of America (DPA) Join Forces to Create a Powerful Safety and Janitorial Buying Group

When Distributor Partners of America, a group of well over 200 distributors and nearly 100 vendors specializing in janitorial sales, wanted to become a buying force in the safety industry they knew where to turn for instant results.

Panda Group, a division of Panda Communications, an innovator in ecommerce and print marketing for the safety industry, brings immediate clout to the table. In its 14-year existence, Panda has forged valuable relationships with over 75 “Panda Preferred Vendors”, companies that are leaders in the safety products industry, and over 250 safety distributors nationwide and in Canada.

The partnership immediately strengthens the position of DPA members in the safety industry and allows accessibility to internationally-recognized vendors, which inevitably builds business. Panda Preferred Distributors gain access to nearly 200 janitorial vendors, and the opportunity to expand sales of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

DPA members also gain access to Panda Systems and Panda Publishing, divisions of Panda Media Group. Panda Systems offers ecommerce shopping solutions to nearly 50 Panda Preferred Distributors, while Panda Publishing provides printed marketing services through catalog programs, flyers and other marketing materials.

Panda Ecommerce

Panda Media Group, an innovator in ecommerce and print marketing for the safety industry.

Panda is constantly developing and adding safety content and implementing that content into its own proprietary content management database. This exclusive toolbox offers distributors a tremendous ability to market their products through ecommerce, catalogs and other advertising materials.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of Distributors Partners of America.

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Zac Haines
Executive Director

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