It’s been a while since the last Panda Post so I’ve stuffed this one full of all sorts of safety tidbits. The exciting development of Panda Productions’ video business is a definite highlight. I personally am hoping that Panda opens a live-action cartoon division. I’ve always had the acting bug, and it would give me a chance to appear in the same frame as Betty Boop. I’ve always had a thing for her…but what ink-blooded male ‘toon wouldn’t?

Panda Productions Gets the Cameras Rolling

Spielberg, Scorsese, Lucas. Sure those guys have created some good films and raked in mountains of cash. But Panda Productions has made something none of them have…some really cool product videos for Master Lock. Take that, Francis Ford Coppola!

Yep, the folks at Panda Group are now in the video production business. Their 23 short videos have earned raves from the experts—sales professionals at Master Lock—who are decidedly more credible than Roger Ebert or Gene Shalit.

The Panda Post gained access to the two stars of the Master Lock videos, Left “Lefty” Hand and Right “Righty” Hand.

Abbott and Costello, Ben and Jerry, and peanut butter and jelly—the well-manicured onscreen team of Lefty and Righty is destined for the stardom of other famous duos.

“We’ve been working together for as long as I can remember,” explained Lefty. “He’s my right-hand guy.”

Added Righty: “The only acting we’ve done was when we tried juggling bowling balls after a dare at a college party. It didn’t go well. But we have chemistry, and whether we’re tying shoes, swinging a golf club, or typing, we mesh pretty well. Although Lefty’s handwriting sucks.”

The pair’s acting on the Master Lock series videos is extremely deft, bringing to mind award-winning work done by “The Thing” in the Addams Family, the talented cast of several Palmolive commercials, and the curvaceous digits sporting cubic zirconia rings on the home-shopping channel. That’s high praise.

“We’re exact opposites, his thumb is on the other side of his hand,” explained Lefty. “But we’re still a team, and I wasn’t bothered that he got more air time. He’s the right hand, and right hands always get the breaks. Do standard scissors work for us lefties? I rest my case.”

Said Righty: “I won’t let the fame go to my head, mainly because I don’t have one. We put our gloves on five fingers at a time, just like everybody else.”
The two plan to continue working after a short hiatus involving several manicures and a strenuous workout routine that includes squeezing stress balls over 100 times a day.

Training Videos of the Slasher Variety

Panda’s approach to training videos is subtle, informative and to the point. This German forklift safety video is on the other end of the spectrum. Think of it as OSHA meets Friday the 13th. It starts of slow but the heads start rolling (literally) about halfway through. It’s ridiculous, macabre, and hilarious, all at once. Apparently this forklift driver was a bad hire.

Glut of Goods: Great for a Buffet, Not So Good for a Warehouse

The recession has done its part to stall sales and leave warehouses full of products waiting to be sold (“Bad recession! Go to your room.”). The Wall Street Journal reported in April that the stockpiled “glut of goods” was easing (good news but it sounds a little like a gastrointestinal issue). MCR Safety’s Safetyline newsletter offers some excellent safety industry insight, and safety product previews, for both Gloves and PPE. Read carefully because MCR mentions the phrase “price instability”, which when translated into distributorspeak means “good deals”. Help with the glut, step up to the buffet.

Is Economic Recovery Creeping Up?

Murphy’s Law states, “The light at the end of the tunnel is usually the headlamp of an oncoming train.” What a downer that Murphy dude was. According to Industrial Distribution Magazine, there might actually be a flicker at the end of our economic recovery tunnel. Industrial Distribution also pointed to great news about a slight rise in factory orders in February.
Be optimistic, but keep an ear open for the sound of the train whistle…just in case.

May is National Electric Safety Month

Without electricity there’d be no Christmas lights, no Jumbotrons at the ballpark, no refrigerators for storing beer or month-old lunch meat, and we wouldn’t have a TV on which to watch “American Idol” (some good would come out of a electricity-free world).
Electricity is cool, but it can be more than just a little dangerous. The Electrical Safety Foundation International created a short brochure to increase electrical awareness during the spring construction rush. Now’s a good time to get contractors charged up, plugged in, or amped up (bad puns of the week) about electrical safety.

GFCIs: A Special Panda Post

What better way to celebrate National Electric Safety Month than by singing the praises of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters? GFCIs are as essential at the jobsite as traffic vests, fall protection harnesses, and Port-O-Lets. So it is with great pride that we name Tower’s Right Angle GFCI Plug and Triple Tap as our first-ever “Workplace Equipment of the Month”. The GFCI (also known as part number 30334008) was unable to give an acceptance speech. He’s currently plugged in.