It’s the Holidays again. The stressful time of year when there’s too much going on, always a plate of fattening cookies in the break room, and when Frank from accounting gets a little too touchy feely at the office Christmas party. (No offense to accounting departments – it’s a joke.) We here at the Panda Post would like to wish all of you the best during the Holiday season. Even Frank.

You’d think after doing the overnight delivery gig for centuries, that Santa would be more careful about safety. Ice cleats from our friends at Due North? Nope. Fall protection for those slick roofs? Not for this jolly (but careless) old elf. Hi vis gear for Santa and the reindeer? Nothing but bright red, jingle bells, and Rudolph’s nose…hardly ANSI approved. Kris Kringle qualifies for most safety directors’ naughty lists. There’s a reason Santa’s exact whereabouts at the North Pole aren’t known. OSHA has to find you before they can fine you.