I’m back. Just in time for Thanksgiving, the perfect time to remember what you’re thankful for (personally I’m grateful that the ink I’m drawn with is permanent) and to gear up for Christmas.

First off, some Thanksgiving safety tips to make sure your holiday is a safe one. The tips are nice reminder during a holiday that combines knives, hot ovens, and the possibility of eating turkey cooked medium rare (not recommended by chef Bamboo).

Video of the Month

Not only have we come a long way with safety products and regulations in the last decade or two, we’ve clearly advanced significantly when it comes to safety training videos. Case in point, this beauty from a few years ago. Sadly, most of the accidents graphically portrayed here actually appear less painful than having to listen to the song playing in the video. Earplugs are highly recommended to drown out the caterwaul that passes for singing. My ears are bleeding.

Road Work Stimulating Wisconsin

“Road construction” is right up there with “root canal”, “undercooked chicken” and “I do”, on the list of the most dreaded two-word phrases. But, quite a few folks in Wisconsin don’t mind road work at all. Stimulus money has created a couple of big construction projects in Dairyland, including one in Madison. http://host.madison.com/ct/business/article_9fd854e6-d7d4-11df-92fe- 001cc4c03286.html

Algae Isn’t Reserved for Ponds and Pools Anymore

Green energy will certainly create some strange products and jobs in the next decade or two. Algae as an alternative fuel source is a good example. That’s right, the green stuff that floats on the top of the half-empty pool at a cheap motel just might power your car soon. Here’s hoping we don’t evolve to the point where we’re creating nuclear powered green algae men bent on taking over the world. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/39898804/ns/business-going_green/

People Dig Safety Specialists

Safety specialists are in high demand, kind of like iPads and Ford Fusions (seriously, look around, Fusions are everywhere). If you’re already a safety engineer do a happy dance after reading this report from the ASSE about the demand for occupational safety experts over the next few years. http://www.asse.org/newsroom/release.php?pressRelease=1569 If you’re looking to make a career change, read it and a cartoon light bulb should appear over your head (or maybe that just happens to me).

eProduct Focus

Ice Traction Devices: Icy Slip and Slides are No Fun

If only they made ice cleats for car tires, this ugly (but kinda funny) scene wouldn’t have played out. The folks driving these bobsleds, err, cars need to have the security provided by Yaktrax Pro, DueNorth traction aids, and Ergodyne Trex Traction devices. Pick one, prevent icy slips and falls and consider it tailbone insurance.