Sorry that it’s taken so long for another Panda Post. But we’ve been busy here.

On September 1, we at Panda officially moved our world headquarters a few miles down the road to a nicer, newer office. The arduous process (packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, repeat) was largely carried out by company VP Todd Hoffmeister and his pickup truck. We’ve still got a few odds and ends to tidy up, but we’re settling in nicely.

We brought everything but the kitchen sink, largely because we didn’t have one at the old space and the new spot comes with one, which was a big deal for the Panda staff. The new office doesn’t come with the poor ventilation system that routinely made us sick at the old location (black lung shouldn’t be a hazard in the safety marketing industry).

Feel free to stop by and we’ll give you the tour, highlighted of course by our shiny new sink.

We have one of those addresses that just boggles the mind… here goes:
Panda Group Inc.
N56W16743 Ridgewood Drive, Suite 300
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
(Me-No-Money) as Todd likes to say.

Jobs Recovery: Slow but Steady

We all want new jobs to come flooding in and make recession recovery nice and easy (yeah, and I want to win the lottery and date Betty Boop). But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and to add another cliche…slow but steady wins the race. An article by CNN says jobs recovery is slowly happening. Patience is a virtue (cliché no. 3).

National Safety Congress

Do you really need an excuse to head to San Diego in early October? If you do, then this year’s National Safety Congress & Expo from October 3-8 is it. Learn about sun tan safety, yachting safety, safely observing perfect weather, etc. I’m kidding of course. The yearly event is a perfect place to learn about the latest in safety (but the fact that it’s being held in lovely San Diego doesn’t hurt).

Is Your Workplace as Safe as These? Not Likely.

NSA announced a few Safety Leadership Awards in August. Getting on the list doesn’t require bribery…it’s much more difficult. Those recognized have amassed five consecutive years without an occupational injury or illness resulting in lost employee work days or death. Five years?! I can’t go a day without stubbing my toe. Hats off to these companies and their employees. And man, Steris Corporation is one safe place to work.

Safe Driving Means No Texting

Some people are lousy drivers even when their full attention is on the road, but most of us become lousy drivers when we’re distracted by a using a cell phone or the greasy cheeseburger we have to eat while on the road. According to Occupational Health & Safety, OSHA is mounting an anti-texting initiative. Keep an eye on the road and save the texting for the boring weekly meeting.

Green News

Is helping the environment as easy as painting your roof? Maybe. Get into the roof painting business. It just might be an up and coming industry.

From Panda Black and White to Green

One of our favorite Panda alums ventured off into the world to follow her lifelong calling of installing wind turbines. Maureen Faller, and husband Randy, traded in desks and computers for scaffolding and turbine blades and founded Kettle View Renewable Energy in 2009.
Kettle View has been busy, putting up 20 turbines for everyone from private users to schools. Stimulus dollars, and excellent climbing ability, have been helpful to the Fallers.

“The 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit is one of the available incentives that ‘make’ a sale,” says Maureen. “The Investment Tax Credit makes renewable energy projects financially feasible by lowering the payback on the system by as much as 10 or more years. Energy independence becomes a reality, not an unattainable goal we may not live long enough to see.”

The Wisconsin landscape is becoming increasingly dotted with Kettle View turbines. While, we’d rather still have Maureen at Panda, we’re glad she’s out there doing something for the environment. I’m afraid of heights so there’s no way in heck I’d climb on a 100- or 200-foot turbine. I’ll watch and applaud the efforts of the Fallers safely from the ground.

A Urine-Powered Battery?

Sometimes it’s not such a good thing when things get too green (and I’m not talking about cheese or when white bread turns to greenish mold). This comical list shows some green inventions that might be a bit much. I personally prefer the urine-powered battery.