I’d be remiss not to start this Panda Post by honoring Billy Mays. The ultimate pitchman, who passed away in late June, could sell water to a drowning man, and we at Panda Group were big fans. I have a special place in my heart because he was as close to a cartoon as a human can get (I mean that in the best way). I will never look at OxiClean the same way again.

But wait! Now, just for reading this article, we’re going to throw in this video tribute. Absolutely free!

A Healthy Workplace is a Happy Workplace

We’re all about good news at the Panda Post. The National Business Group on Health applauded 63 large employers for being “2009 Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles” by actively improving the health and well-being of employees. So, try to limit company pizza days, exchange the Krispy Kreme’s for fruit (jelly-filled doughnuts don’t count), get Tom in shipping and receiving to walk around the warehouse a couple of times a day, and maybe your company can make this list. You want that AED on the wall to be nothing more than a hi-tech dust collector.

Capital Safety Stimulus: This Company “Gets It”

Three cheers for the good folks at Capital Safety, who recently unveiled their own bit of stimulus—a price reduction on a range of DBI-SALA and Protecta fall protection equipment. Now, that’s doing something to try to help during an economic downswing (“downswing” being an understatement akin to calling Jaws a rather large fish). Check out Capital’s stimulus manifesto, which includes a list of the products being discounted. Click here to find out how to promote this on YOUR website!

Saving Money on PPE

What’s the best way to save money on PPE? Not buy any.

Ha… I’m kidding (a bit of bad safety industry humor). We all know that PPE is as essential to the workplace as mozzarella is to pizza, or losing is to the Detroit Lions.

On ISHN.com, Ansell’s Mike Kimberley explains some ways workplaces can cut down on PPE costs. I know that safety distributors may think that helping customers reduce PPE costs is like making firewood out of a money tree. Instead, look at it as an opportunity. Show customers you know how to help their bottom line and their loyalty may pay off in the long run.

Hot Green Jobs in 2009

In the not too distant past the words “hot” and “green” were likely used together only when referring to green chile salsa. Things have changed. MSNBC.com has a list of “10 Hot Green Job Industries” that everyone associated with the safety industry should keep an eye on. It’s time to learn that Advanced Biofuel isn’t a deluxe cheeseburger, and realize that the “Smart Grid” isn’t the name given to Harvard’s graduating class. These up-and-coming industries need safety equipment too.

Electrical Workers are Goin’ Green

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) is apparently ready for green jobs. The IBEW has set up a “Working Green” website to update electricians everywhere about renewable energy jobs.

Hip Hop Safety, Yo

A few weeks ago Panda Post showed a less-than-subtle German workplace safety video. This week “get your safety on” with this decidedly American safety video.

With lines like, “sport a hard hat, and you’ll look real phat”, who wouldn’t want to get all decked out in cool PPE?
Despite extensive research (aka: Google) this reporter couldn’t find additional info about this strange clip.
But whoever Gail and Tim (I like to call them G-Love and T-Bone) are, they make way better safety videos than others I’ve seen. Vanilla Ice can’t hold a candle to these two, and it’s doubtful he knows as much about trips and falls, or “phat” hard hats.