Ahoy mateys. In the spirit of Halloween I’ve donned some pirate garrrrrrb. Because I’m a cartoon, it’s pretty easy putting together a costume every year… I just have my graphic designer draw me differently. Here’s hoping for a good fall (the season, not the act that requires a lanyard) for all of us in the safety industry.

Now this guy knows how to carve a pumpkin. He uses power tools, a post hole digger, and kerosene (Disclaimer: We don’t advocate using kerosene in your Halloween display…but it looks pretty cool). Be sure to wear safety glasses if you try the power tool approach to pumpkin carving. Cut–resistant gloves wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Halloween, Not an OSHA Holiday

Absolutely nothing about Halloween screams (pardon the pun) “safety”. Take a look at the horror legends whose film work is celebrated at this time of the year. Leatherface (the dude in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre) clearly needed a course on chainsaw safety. Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees were oblivious to the term “cut-resistant”, and there’s no way that those hands of Freddy Krueger are OSHA compliant.

These guys aren’t acting as safely as they could. But if you’re getting this newsletter, you probably know a thing or two about safety, and you can make sure your family adheres to safe Halloween practices with some handy Halloween safety tips from EHS Today.

All You Want to Know About Stimulus Money, but Were Afraid to Ask

And now for a little light reading. The first major reports from the Recovery Act were released in mid October, and if you’re willing to dig a little you can find out exactly what’s going on in your state.

Stimulus Redux

Stimulus money isn’t all road paving and bridge building. Check out the massive Lockheed Martin contract for example. And the numbers listed aren’t necessarily set in stone. According to an article by the Louisville Courier-Journal, some of the feds apparently aren’t too hip on where state lines begin and end. Maybe a crash course in geography is a good idea.

What’s Hot?

H1N1, N95 Respirators, and Vampire Movies

What’s Not?

Avian Flu, Wall Street Bonuses, and Jay Leno

Leave it to the CDC to provide the most comprehensive guide to surgical masks and disposable respirators I have ever seen. Unfortunately it reads as dry as toast, which isn’t a shock. Spoiler Alert! One of the morals of the story is to buy N95 respirators…if you can find them.

SCBAs Tested by the USFA

Firefighters are tough characters. I think we can all agree it’s good to keep them as safe as possible. The USFA (United State Fire Administration) is testing the safety of SCBAs , and some big changes in the respiratory safety industry might be on the horizon.

A Close Call

At least one sewer worker New Hampshire can thank an OSHA inspector for not being in deep sh….well, you’ll get the idea after reading this article from Occupational Health & Safety.