Happy Holidays to my loyal readers. I’m a big fan of Christmas, mainly because I get to wear this cool getup, and also because it’s an especially busy time for my cartoon brethren. Charlie Brown buys his crappy tree every year, Frosty melts, and the Grinch steals Christmas (even after the heart expansion incident he’s still a bad dude and he has awful breath). Enjoy the vacation time and consider this lighthearted Panda Post my gift to you (I didn’t have shirt sizes for all of you so this will have to do).

Quick Christmas video tips from the Fresno Fire Department. The FFD apparently has a sense of humor.

A Christmas Video Bonus!

It is the season for giving, so I’m giving my loyal readers another informative safety video. This one illustrates exactly why it’s essential to pay attention when driving a forklift. Disclaimer: No one was seriously hurt (or I wouldn’t show it), although several bottles of vodka paid with their lives.

Holiday Food Safety

There’s nothing like a little foodborne illness to ring in the holidays. Be careful what you eat at your family gatherings because some foods can ruin your yuletide glee. Aunt Gertrude’s fruitcake is an obvious offender, but there are more common offerings that can put “blah” in your Fa La La.

Festivus: The Wagner Companies are Making Poles for the Rest of Us

Sometimes fiction just makes sense. This isn’t one of those times. But I’ve got to hand it to the Wagner Companies (located right here in Milwaukee) for finding a new product to manufacture and sell. Wagner is a leading maker of Festivus Poles. That’s right, the bare aluminum poles introduced to a lucky America by Frank Costanza in a 1997 episode of Seinfeld. If you want to order one to make your holidays complete go to www.festivuspoles.com. The poles are made of 100% recycled material. Need more Festivus info? For more Festivus info check out the hilarious instructional video on the website.

Top 10 Ways to Get Coal (Courtesy of OSHA) in Your Stocking

Those who work around scaffolding are the most likely to be on the “naughty” list, at least according to OSHA’s list of the Top 10 Safety Violations of 2009.

Stricter Enforcement of OSHA’s Naughty and Nice List in 2010

I’ve got some good ideas for New Year’s resolutions—eat less candy, don’t swear, no more ranch dip. But here’s one that’s good for everyone reading this…make sure you’re in OSHA compliance. An article by ISHN.com shows that there’s an increase in OSHA enforcement funding on the horizon. Apparently OSHA’s resolution is more enforcement.

Could Ergonomics Be Trendy in 2010?

I’ve got a gut feeling about a few things that might be hip in 2010. You can tell everyone that the Panda Post told you that hybrids, earth tones, cow flu, Taylor Swift, the Apple i(insert word here), and Velveeta will be big this upcoming year. Safety News Alert had this insightful bit about ergonomics likely seeing an uptick, and they’ve actually got the reasoning to back it up.
BPA and Sexual Dysfunction, Now It’s Serious

There have been plenty of studies hinting that BPA might be unhealthy (disregard the research paid for by plastics manufacturers) but now it’s gone too far. This NIOSH-funded study linked BPA to male sexual dysfunction. Does BPA scare you now? You bet it does.