I’ve got no good excuses for my lengthy absence. No “dog ate my homework” (I don’t have a dog), “had a flat tire” (cartoon cars don’t have real tires), or “I was sick” (ink doesn’t get the flu). But there’s a whole lot going on in the safety industry (ever hear of BP?) and I figured now was as good a time as any to make it back.

BP is Not a Friend of Bamboo

Despite my occasionally sarcastic tone, I take safety very seriously. Clearly our friends at BP do not. A scathing report printed by ProPublica and The Washington Post shows that BP is pretty good at ignoring safety concerns. It’s too bad that consumers can’t reciprocate by ignoring their price at the tank, but BP has to make money…they’ve got mounting fines to pay and lawsuits to settle.

News of the Obvious

Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP (and the guy currently on at the top of the “Least Liked Men in America”) mentions that in light of the LARGEST ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER in U.S. history, his company will reassess safety technology needs for deepwater drilling. Umm, Tony, it’s a few weeks too late.

High-Vis Vests Are Sooo 2009: Lanyards Might Be the New Thing

OSHA is set to improve worker protection from workplace trips and falls on walking-working surfaces. OSHA is a safety trendsetter, so fall protection equipment like lanyards may soon be as popular as shows and movies about vampires.

Hurricane Season and I’m Not Talking About Miami University Football

Hurricane Season kicked off on June 1 and doesn’t end until November 30 (which believe it or not is actually shorter than the NBA season… yikes). Preparation for the least favorite season for residents of the Atlantic Coast includes stocking up on PPE and emergency response safety equipment. (Some also stock up on tequila and ice when the big storms hit, but that’s not at all recommended by the Panda Post.)

The GDP Is Slowly Rising. Ask the Tortoise About Slow but Steady

A less-than-ideal jobs report in May wasn’t the best economic news, but there is a bright spot. The GDP rose a little more in the first quarter.

…And “Help Wanted” Signs Are Popping Up

A few months ago the Help Wanted sign was in the same category as the California condor, newspapers, and Lindsay Lohan’s acting career—all on the brink of extinction. But April job openings rose to the highest level in 16 months. Good news for the unemployed, a group that may one day include Lohan.