Kellie's Korner and Bamboo Buckwald

Kellie’s Korner

Super-Powered Advice from the Safety Super Hero Herself… Kellie Hoffmeister!

The vastness of the Internet makes it an incredibly powerful resource (and at times a little intimidating). It’s not always easy to stand out among the masses. But these online marketing websites certainly provide some valuable pointers ranging from tips about Google to instruction on Search Engine Optimization. Check these sites out. They’re some of my favorites, and I’m here to share my resources with you.

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Panda Post

The Panda Post is brought to you by veteran safety reporter Bamboo Buchwald, a proud member of the AP (Associated Panda). Through intrepid reporting (which is pretty easy even for a cartoon since it takes little more than checking the websites of actual, reputable news outlets) I bring you the exciting, the not so exciting, and offbeat news from the Safety Industry.

Good information about what’s going on in the industry is priceless. What I offer might provide some value as well—hardly priceless, but at least worth a look.

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